Cloud Native and beyond...
Cognitive is a top-tier software consultancy company that focuses on Programmable Infrastructure (Kubernetes) and Cloud Native applications.

We combine our expertise and knowledge in software development, as well as leadership, strategy and operations to create unique digital advantages that will help our customers innovate at speed and scale.

Certifications & Partnerships:
- Kubernetes Certified Service Provider
- Cloud Native Computing Foundation Silver Member
- KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Sponsor

We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients.
Our Software House offers different and individual IT products with the highest standards.
Our team is composed of highly experienced and people who help us achieve our goals in delivering optimum and first-class service to out clients.
Cloud Native
Cloud Native
Cloud Native
SRE Team
Cloud Native
We take care of every detail, from concept to completion and deliver the best solutions to our customers.
Cloud Native
Self-development, learning, and mutual knowledge exchange stand in the first place at our company.
Cloud Native
We like to make people successful by sharing our knowledge and expertise with them.
F5 is an American company that specializes in hardware and software products that enhance the delivery of network-based applications.
Belgian-based company Barco develops visualization and collaboration solutions for three core markets around the world: enterprise, healthcare and entertainment.
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